Email Security

Get the emails that you want and have the spam disappear from your life.

A Comprehensive Approach to Email Security

With the most complete set of tools to protect against spam, viruses, phishing, and malware, our inbound and outbound email filtering will bring safety and sanity back to your inbox.

Your data is safe with us

Your emails might be in the cloud, but those clouds are firmly on Canadian soil to meet all local requirements for being hosted in Canada. And never fear, we deploy all security protocols to keep that information safe from any prying eyes.

Spam Protection

Information about our Spam Filtering.

Those pesky spams will be put through our inbound filtering, and any emails that are postively spam will be rejected and not even enter your spam folder.

Virus Protection

Information about Virus Protection.

You don’t have time dealing with computers being compromised and messing up your life. Viruses will be filtered out and rejected from delivery saving you countless hours in cleaning up a computer.

Phishing Protection

Information about Phishing Protection.

Get emails only from those legitimately doing business with you, and not those that are just trying to get your credit card information and other details to wreck havoc. Our propreitory spam filter will keep those phishing emails out of your inbox.

Outbound Filtering

Email deliverability is key in business. All emails are send through a cluster of IPs through our server filtering cluster in Vancouver and Toronto, rejecting any spam messages from being sent by your accounts.

Two Factor authentication

Information about Phishing Protection.

Even with strong passwords, sometimes they are not enough. Enabling two factor authentication means that you are not only relying on a password to identify you, giving you peace of mind that only you are able to access your account.

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